Music Leadership Award

The Music Leadership Award recognizes a member of the community who has furthered the development and quality of music in Houston.

The Music Leadership Award is a yearly award that has been given out since 1969. Recipients are to be well respected by their peers and have a unique stature in the community. Their musical contribution may be for financial gain or on a voluntary basis, and there should not be others doing the same thing as well or better. In selecting the recipient his or her primary and peripheral activities must also be considered.

1969—Ima Hogg
1970—Katy Dixie
1971—Kay Smith
1972—Genevieve Demme
1973—Ruth Burr
1974—Amanda Vick Lethco
1975—Elva Lobit
1976—Fredell Lack
1977—Coralie Gregory Wood
1979—Robert Bennett
1980—Ruth Red
1983—Nancy Curry
1987—Sally Schott
1988—Robert Linder
1989—Grady L. Hall-man
1990—Ara Carpetyan
1991—Gary Patterson
1992—Harry Lantz
1993—Virginia Babikian
1994—Janet Scarcella
1995—Rhonda Furr
1999—Jo Deen Blaine Davis
2001—Betty Ruth Tomforde
2002—Norma Lowder
2003—David Ashley White
2004—David Gockley
2005—Lila Gene George
2006—None Given
2007—Rita Porfiras
2008—Alecia Lawyer
2009—Kevin Riehle
2010—Robert Simpson
2011— Denise Eaton
2012— John Bolin
2014 – Robert Franz
2015 – Betsy Cook Weber